Comfort above all


Our Super-Strat ensures accessibility and comfort. With its “off-axis” shape, the center of gravity is placed exactly in the right place to ensure perfect balance despite easy access to the 24th fret.


Choose the location of your buttons/selectors. Do you want to be able to “violin” with your volume? Or do you not need a tone knob? It’s possible.

6, 7, 8 strings? Fan-fret?

Do you want to push the limits of standard guitars with more strings or more comfort? We have a wide range of options to offer you so that your guitar meets all your desires.



Spécifications :
Corps : Frêne
Dessus : Ziricote
Manche : 5 plis Erable/Wengué (renforcé carbone)
Touche : Ziricote
Micros : Imbard Uraken/texas legend
Electronique : 3 potentiomètres (dorés main, or 24 carats) 1 vol, 1 ton, 1 blend, interrupteur 5 positions
Frettes : Jescar Evo gold
Accordeur : Hipshot
Chevalet : ABM
Sillet : Black Tusq
Finition : Huile



Body: mahogany
Top: AAAA curly maple
Neck: maple, wenge, carbon-reinforced mahogany, double-action truss-rod
Fingerboard: exotic ebony
Pickups: Bare Knuckle Pain Killer
Bridge: Hipshot
Radius: compensated
Mechanics: Gotoh
Selector: 5 positions



Body: aluminum
Top: dappled maple AAAAA
Neck: cedar, carbon reinforcement, double action truss-rod
Fingerboard: ziricote, custom made aluminum inlay
Pickups: Bare Knuckle Slow hand / Black Dog
Bridge: Imbard guitars
Radius: Compensated
Mechanics: hipshot
Selector: 5 positions on the guitar
Price: contact us


Super-Strat n°1

Neck: 5 ply maple, wenge, mahogany with carbon reinforcement
Body: cedar
Top: AAAA curly maple
Fingerboard: ebony
Magnetic Pickups: Bare Knuckle Riff Raft
Piezo pickup: L.R.Baggs Germany
Tuners: Schaller lockable
Key marker: aluminum
Frets: stainless steel
Varnish: nitro-cellulose

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